best heated gloves for men women in usa - canada - uk - all world - 2021

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Bullet Points: 1、Rapid Heating: Imported high-efficiency composite carbon fiber heating wire, high heating temperature, rapid heating, long service life, folding resistance, safe and reliable. 2、User-friendly Design: Finger touch, can play mobile phone, make and receive calls while wearing gloves, very user-friendly design. Fingers and the back of the hand can heat up, warmer than many gloves on the market that only heat the hand back. 3、3 Temperature Levels: Hold 3 seconds to start or close. 3 temperature levels, red high temperature 40-45℃, white medium temperature 35-40℃, blue low temperature 30-35℃. 4、Battery Powered: Use 2 3.7V 4000 mAh lithium batteries. Put battery into zipper pocket on the back of the glove and plug in the pocket, then press 3 seconds to turn on the smart switch on the hand back. 5、Wide Application: Suitable for various outdoor sports, such as hiking, camping, fishing, hunting, running, horse riding, skiing, rock climbing, driving, etc. Specification: Name: Electric Heating Gloves Specification: battery box type/battery type Material: nylon + cotton Lithium battery: 4000 mAh/ 2000 mAh Features: warm, non-slip touch screen Temperature: about 45 degrees Celsius Warm keeping time: constant temperature about 3-6 hours Size: 4000 mAh(free size), 2000 mAh(M,L) Packing List: 1 Pair of Heating Gloves USB Charging Cable*1 Lithium Battery*2


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